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Understanding Residents with ADD/ADHD

Why this is important: Housing staff are often in a position to discuss issues relevant to their residents’ needs and interactions with other community members. Understanding how individuals with ADD/ADHD interact and process information differently will help housing staff communicate more effectively with their residents and reduce miscommunications and conflicts and accomplish tasks more efficiently.


Description: This micro-learning course offers expert advice explaining how housing staff can position themselves to better interact with residents who are experiencing ADD/ADHD symptoms. The course is tailored for housing staff with practical examples that demonstrate some common communication and behavioral challenges that occur with residents who have difficulty focusing and completing tasks. Skills will be taught to help housing staff better set expectations and boundaries for their residents, be more effective in helping residents completing tasks, and reduce community conflicts.


Housing staff will be able to:

  • Explore how residents with ADD/ADHD communicate and think about problems
  • Define neurodiversity and find alternative ways to communicate with residents to accomplish tasks and set boundaries
  • Identify the importance of sharing information in different ways to ensure the message gets through to the resident
  • Dispel common myths about ADD/ADHD regarding the variety of individual experiences
  • Develop a basic understanding of common ADD/ADHD medications and some common housing issues that exist around these medications

Understanding Residents with ADD/ADHD

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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