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The Training Outpost is comprised of experienced subject matter guides who share their knowledge and stories through bright visuals, easy-to-follow examples, and practical skill development.

We offer several types of courses including live webinars, recorded webinars, micro-courses, and full course packages.

Webinars and Courses

Recorded webinars and  micro-learning course contains of a video and key-point summary to guide the learner’s journey. When the receptive learning portion of the course is complete, they are given five questions and a practical case study to further their learning. Once they have demonstrated proficiency in the course content, the learner will have their trek guide updated with the course completion. The training outpost maintains each learner’s personal trek guide to demonstrate the courses they have completed.


While individual learners are encouraged to sign up for their own journey, the Training Outpost provides a single departmental administer a seamless view of their employees training progress. This basecamp positions allow the administrator to set a training timeline (typically from one to three months). The basecamp administrator can request reports outlining their team’s progress allowing the basecamp administrator a chance to nudge those learners who aren’t completing the course. A final report is provided at the end of the training timeline.


When the basecamp administrator is purchasing a course (or courses) for a group of learners, they simply send us an excel sheet containing the first name, last name, and email for each learner. Within 2-3 business days, they will receive a message granting access to the course.

Course Packages

These are full courses that can be purchased by administrators and taught by them to their community. Each includes the PowerPoint deck, an instructor guide, a comprehensive participant handout, and a marketing flyer.


Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams, MBA

SUNY Polytechnic

Nina Delgadillo

Nina Delgadillo

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ret.)

Brian Heider

Brian Heider

Workplace Violence Prevention Association (WVPA)

Brendan Keats

Brendan Keats

Sarasota Sheriff's Office

Lisa Pescara-Kovach

Lisa Pescara-Kovach, PhD

University of Toledo

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor, PhD


Baron Brown

Baron Brown, EdD, MPA, MBA

CPS HR Consulting

David Denino

David Denino, LPC, NCC

American Red Cross

Tammy Hodo

Tammy Hodo, PhD

All Things Diverse, LLC

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller, JD

InterACTT Advisory Team

Vanessa Pomarico

Vanessa Pomarico, Ed.D, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP

Northeast Medical Group

Brian Van Brunt

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

D-Prep, Inc.

Jeanne Clifton

Jeanne Clifton

Salem State University

Poppy Fitch

Poppy Fitch, EdD

San Diego Community College District

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

Texas A&M University

Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy, PhD

Angelo State Univiersity

Robert Scholz

Robert Scholz, MA, LMFT, LPCC

The Change Place

Jacques Whitfield

Jacques Whitfield, JD

CPS HR Consulting


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