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Engaging with Families When Crisis Strikes

Engaging Families in Higher Education book

Parents and families can be some of our best allies when crisis strikes on the college campus, but this requires proactive communications and processes to help families prepare for the unexpected. Join Dr. Amy Murphy, Dr. Maureen McGuinness, and Dr. Brian Van Brunt as they share insights from the new book, Engaging Families in Higher Education, and discuss outreach and involvement of families when responding to crisis and emergencies.

​Whether a short-term crisis or a life-changing event, our students’ families deserve our respect, care, and support when crisis strikes. Together, we are better able to confront these moments of difficulty and provide students assistance to persevere through adversity.

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Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy, PhD

Angelo State University

Maureen McGuinness.jfif

Maureen McGuinness, PhD.

University of North Texas System

Brian Van Brunt

Brian Van Brunt, EdD

D-Prep, Inc.

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