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Counseling on the  CARE/BIT Team

Counseling staff should be one of the three primary members of every core CARE/BIT and threat team (along with student conduct and campus safety/police). This micro-course outlines the various ways counselors participate on the  CARE/BIT team. The course covers the challenges of what can and cannot be shared as part of their membership, mandated assessment/treatment, and issues of medical leaves. There is a review of the types of counseling services (licensed, doctoral, masters, non-clinical), their information standards (FERPA, HIPAA and state confidentiality law), and some common challenges encountered by counselors serving on  CARE/BIT teams. The course contains useful supplemental materials, organizations, and references for counseling staff to further their education on how they can function as an effective member of the team.


This course can also be purchased as part of the Membership Bundle.

Counseling on the CARE/BIT Team

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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