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Greek Life Staff on the  CARE/BIT Team

While not a common member of the  CARE/BIT team, some colleges and universities include Greek staff on the team to assist with providing services and support to those pledging or actively involved in Greek Life. As with athletes and veterans, those participating in a college or university Greek life system often have unique demands and pressures placed on them while managing their academic goals. This program will help these staff understand how the  CARE/BIT team operates, what areas might be helpful for the team to understand when it related to students involved in Greek Life, and how they can navigate between the needs of the  CARE/BIT and the larger Greek Life system. The course contains useful supplemental materials, organizations, and references for Greek Life staff to further their education on how they can function as an effective member of the team.


This course can also be purchased as part of the Membership Bundle.

Greek Life Staff on the CARE/BIT Team

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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