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How Case Managers/Counselors Can Navigate Challenging Conversations

Why this is important: Even the most seasoned case managers have interactions with students that push their buttons and challenge their ability to keep their cool. This course provides down to earth and practical ideas on how to avoid getting caught in conversation traps, becoming flustered, and being less effective in conversations.




This micro-learning course offers research-based, practical advice for case managers to effectively navigate conversations with students who challenge them and help shape clear and consistent conversational approaches. Unlike the crisis de-escalation course which focuses on physical escalations, this course provides a detailed dive into the challenges faced by case managers communicating with those students with difficult personalities and frustrating conversation styles. The course will help case managers identify triggers and common conversational traps where they become stuck and offers innovative approaches to engage students and set clear boundaries. Learners will gain a better understanding of how and when to share incidents with a multidisciplinary CARE team to help get out in front of these behaviors, prevent ineffective communication with students, and encourage compliance with college/university directives.


Case Managers will be able to:

  • Identify common conversation traps and frustrating conversation styles in their students
  • Draw from an eclectic tool kit of approaches to better navigate frustrating conversations
  • Gain an awareness of common obstacles that prevent case managers from setting boundaries and limits in conversations
  • Stay focused on conversational goals and avoid being pulled off course


This course can also be purchased as part of the Crisis Bundle.


Please note, these trainings are designed for counselors working on a college campus providing crisis support and guidance to students. They are often referred to as non-clinical counselors or counselors who work under FERPA rather than state confidently laws.

How Case Managers/Counselors Can Navigate Challenging Conversations

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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