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Understanding Gender Expression

Why is this important: Understanding why pronoun usage in the workplace, school and college setting raises a number of questions in the community. Why are pronouns changing at all? Should people be required to change the way they introduce themselves or include pronoun designations on their email signature line? How does gender identity and expression relate to sexual orientation? Why is this important to discuss in the workplace, school, and college settings? All of these questions (and more) will be answered in this program.


Description: This workshop has been designed to foster engagement for the purpose of connection, belonging, and safety for all groups of people. Whether you are new to these ideas or simply want to learn more, we have a place for you in our classes. This training is not about shame, blame, forced change, demanded acceptance, or agreement. This educational journey is about learning the terminology that relates to gender identity and learning about other perspectives and world views relating to gender.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will have the opportunity to learn basic terminology and general understanding of gender identity and the importance of gender expression through the lens of cultural intelligence.

  • Participants will review common myths and truths about pronoun usage and gender expression and will improve their awareness and proficiency with these concepts.

  • Participants will explore why using the appropriate pronoun is important, both as an ally or for their own gender expression.

  • Participants will briefly review the concept of microaggressions as it applies to gender expression.


Course length: 22 Minutes

Understanding Gender Expression

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