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Understanding Residents with Eating Disorders

Why this is important: Eating disorder behaviors are commonly seen by housing staff in the residence. This program will help these staff better understand the broad range of eating disorders (and disordered eating) and how challenging these disorders are to treat successfully.


Description: This micro-learning course offers expert guidance to explore the full range of eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors they may come in contact with their daily work. From binge-eating to severe reductions in caloric intake, this program offers housing staff a practical overview of these challenges and how they can help. Common behaviors of concern include active purging in community bathrooms or vomit left in community spaces, food hoarding and/or poor disposal of food, and concerns expressed by other residents regarding a resident with rapid weight change. The course will offer clear advice on the best practices related to handling each of these challenges and how to refer concerns forward to the behavioral intervention team and community resources.


Housing staff will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of behaviors associated with eating disorders and how these often occur primarily in the residence
  • Appreciate the importance of housing staff as critical observing the escalation behaviors related to eating disorders
  • Recognize how eating disorders are challenging to treat and require involvement from a multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Document behaviors that are observed by housing staff and other residents in a clear, concise, and timely manner
  • Avoid the lectures and bad advice often given to those with eating disorders by well-meaning helpers

Understanding Residents with Eating Disorders

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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