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Understanding Residents with OCD

Why this is important: Ensuring housing staff have a knowledge about residents with obsessive personality disorder provides them critical information to better understand the symptoms of this disorder and how they may impact the housing community. This course will offer practical, easy to understand information about obsessive compulsive disorder and how the related behaviors may manifest through confrontations around community behaviors, conflicts, and finances.


Description: This micro-learning course offers research-based, practical advice for housing staff to better understand how obsessive-compulsive disorder may manifest in a housing community. Examples will be shared that highlight the repetitive touching of surfaces, obsessive thoughts leading to frequent/repetitive questions, and impacts these behaviors may have on other residents. Common myths about OCD will be dispelled and information about how to redirect behaviors and refer residents to a multi-disciplinary, behavioral intervention team and provide referrals to community resources.


Housing staff will be able to:

  • Identify the various ways OCD symptoms may manifest with individuals
  • Understand how housing staff may be able to help redirect and dispel rumors within the community about residents with OCD behaviors
  • Identify ways to set boundaries during conversations and respond to odd or repetitive concerns that are brought up by residents
  • Get out in front of problems by identifying issues before they escalate
  • Know how to refer residents to the multi-disciplinary behavioral intervention team

Understanding Residents with OCD

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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