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Veterans Affairs on the  CARE/BIT Team

Like a representative from athletics, DEI or Greek life, these team members vary in national membership data on teams based on the particular population, needs and challenges faced at each college or university. A staff member or director from the campus Veterans affairs department offers critical and unique insight into the work the  CARE/BIT team does with veteran and ROTC students. They serve as content experts as well as unique resource for students who have served and may be struggling with return from combat, adjusting to the college or university academic pace, and responding to stereotypes or assumptions made by community members about a student’s service. This program will offer clear guidance, practical advice, and supplemental materials to assist staff who work with veterans and ROTC students who have been asked to join the  CARE/BIT team.


This course can also be purchased as part of the Membership Bundle.

Veterans Affairs on the CARE/BIT Team

Coming late winter/early spring 2023
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