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Violence Risk and Threat Assessment

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Welcome to our course. It was a pleasure to teach this first session with you. The video is now available and will service as a refresher for you throughout the course. The video is divided into several distinct segments to allow for easier access to the specific topics you would like to view. The first intro segment covers how to access the course materials, describes the class design and I share my thoughts on why a combined college, K-12 and workplace class will contribute to the learning experience. Three case studies were provided (K-12, college and workplace) and now each has an answer key and scoring on Pathways (which we will review in the second module). ~ Brian

Module 1 Slides Handout
Mod1 College Case Study
Mod1 College Case Study Answers
Mod1 K12 Case Study
Mod1 K12 Case Study Answers
Mod1 Workplace Case Study
Mod1 Workplace Case Study Answers
11 Key Questions to be Addressed in a Behavioral Threat Assessment
Beyond the Red Flags
Threat Assessment Glossary
Types of Threat
Module 2 Slides Handout
Module 2: College Case Study
Module 2a: College Case Triage
Module 2: K12 Case Study
Module 2a: K12 Case Triage
Module 2: Workplace Case Study
Module 2a: Workplace Case Triage
Math Test
Video Game
Drawn Gun
Module 3 Slides Handout
Module 3: College Case Study
Module 3: K12 Case Study
Social Media Basics
The Role of Warning Behaviors in Threat Assessment
Trump Assassination Attempt Case Details

Module 1

Module 1

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